Ethics (20-712190)
Ethics (20-712190)
Course Objectives: 1.] Understanding of Professional Standards 2.] Understanding of Branches of Ethics 3.] Understanding the History of Ethics 4.] Understanding of Modern Ethics 5.] Understanding of Ethics and Massage Therapy 6.]...
Prevention of Medical Errors (20-712194)
Prevention of Medical Errors (20-712194)
2 CE Hours Medical Errors for The Massage Therapist Objectives: Upon course completion, the student will be able to master the following objectives with a minimum 80% accuracy: Prevention of Medical Errors: covers the rationale for studying...
FLORIDA LAW (20-712196)
FLORIDA LAW (20-712196)
Every two years, Florida massage therapists are required to review the laws that govern the massage profession in the state of Florida. Objectives: This course covers practitioner and establishment licensing, continuing education...

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